Chemistry In The News

26 April 2016

A Guide To Common Fruit Acids

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.21.23 PM.png

[Compound Chem.]

18 April 2016

Smart Bandages You Press For Antibacterial Action

antibiotic bandaids

[Chemistry World]

7 April 2016

Deep Life: Microbes Beneath Sea Floor

deep life microbes

[Science Daily]

4 April 2016

Unstable Dyes To Blame for Van Gogh’s Waning Sunflowers

van gogh sunflowers.png

[Chemistry World]

17 March 2016

Newton’s Recipe for Alchemists’ Mercury Rediscovered

newtons manuscript alchemy .jpg

[Chemistry World]

2 March 2016

Kryptonite: Have We Found The Formula?


[Science Daily]

26 February 2016

How Blue LEDs Affect Sleep



14 February 2016

Does Living Near an Oil or Natural Gas Well Affect Your Drinking Water?

natural gas well .jpg

[Science Daily]

2 February 2016

Sustainable Fuel Source From Greenhouse Gases?


[Science Daily]

4 January 2016

“Four New Elements Compete The Seventh Row Of The Periodic Table”


[Science AAAS]



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